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Dezign Hall

Makes things beautiful, make beautiful things

"Creating Beautiful things 
out of simple ideas"

WE are a team of creative, dynamic and multitalented Graphic and Web Designers with extensive experience in multimedia, marketing and print design. We also have experienced researchers, content writers and illustrators for books, journals, magazines and year books.Our clientele include established and bourgeoning corporate institutions and private interests in America, Europe and Africa.

Our primary business is to create beautiful and usable things out of simple ideas. We love having the opportunity to learn about what our clients are passionate about, and to help them visualize what they’d like to portray to their audiences. From sustainable flooring to wearable technology, non-profits to venture capital, and tiny start-ups to the biggest social network on the planet, diversity is what makes our calling

1519 Berryhill Street,
Harrisburg PA 17104


Phone: +234 803 424 2766 
              +1 (240) 486- 3277


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